Structural Engineering

Structural Analysis is required across many engineering sectors and Cascade Engineering can bring to bear its substantial experience wherever it is required. We have done this on many occasions in the past and aspire to provide this support across all engineering sectors within which it is required.

Although Cascade Engineering has a significant interest within the Aerospace sector, it has historically also conducted work across other sectors, the most significant of these being, the Marine sector.

Cascade Engineering experience includes structural sizing of Seats on both the Type 45 Destroyer and Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers. Cascade Engineering also provided a substantial portion of the team that conducted the Lifting and Turning design and analysis effort for the manufacture of the Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier in Portsmouth.

Currently, Cascade Engineering is providing the majority of the team responsible for the design sizing and structural analysis of the Composite Mast on the new Type 26 Frigate.

For further information please look at the Capability Statement below: