Marine Structural Analysis, Design, Modification, Enhancement, Optimisation and Certification

The Marine industry covers a range of sectors, including military, pleasure craft and commercial shipping, all of which we can support with our structural analysis, design, modification and enhancement services. We support the design, development and manufacturing of marine vehicles, including submersibles.

From the initial concept through to modifications and enhancements, we understand the environment and the demands that your structures must endure and are committed to engineering dependable solutions that stand the test of time.

The heavy marine industry requires structural engineering support throughout the manufacturing process, as the equipment required needs to be structurally robust in order to perform.  Cascade Engineering has significant experience supporting customers deliver solutions in this time critical environment.

We work in partnership with our global marine customers to share our knowledge and experience to provide enhanced quality solutions as well as reduce the time and effort required to deliver that solution. We use a staged project approach to fully understand the engineering project requirements and then deliver robust solutions that meet the time and cost constraints.

If you need a reliable structural engineering partner that can improve quality and reduce the time to deliver solutions, call us on +44 1252 594121 or email