Defence Structural Analysis, Design, Modification, Enhancement, Optimisation and Certification

Our ability to provide robust, repeatable, certified designs and modifications with our strong pedigree in the defence industry has seen us become a key partner to many national and international defence customers.

With an unflinching focus on attention to detail, we can integrate with our defence customers’ design process to implement modifications and enhancements that have been proven to improve performance. With a vast amount of experience on defence platforms, we fully understand the mission critical nature of the industry and how to implement changes and improvements in the most effective way.

Our engineering service allows customers to design structures from concept, or commission optimisation studies to understand how defence vehicles perform and where the most cost-effective improvements can be made. This can lead to modifications or enhancements of existing structures, to a certified level, guaranteeing the quality of the solutions and, ultimately, the performance. We see our role as a partner who can help reduce the time and effort required to deliver a solution while leveraging off our experience from other defence platforms and our 100% project delivery rate.

If you need a reliable structure engineering partner that can improve quality and reduce the time to deliver solutions, call us on +44 1252 594121 or email