Work – Case Study 1

Boeing P-8A Pylons

Past packages of work carried out by CAE include structural analysis of stores pylons, where we provided full wrap-around structural analysis capability, integrated into our clients engineering team.  This included:

  • Development of loads and stress Finite Element Models to show load paths and investigate in more detail areas of concern.
  • Validation and verification of all models to ensure understanding.
  • Analysis of sheet metal assemblies & integrally machined components.
  • Analysis of composite fairings.
  • Traditional hand calculations as required to prove all primary components.
  • Integration of major third party components.
  • Designing out fatigue and damage tolerance issues early in the task.
  • Development of a bird strike philosophy through negotiation with the end customer and analysis as required to prove integrity.
  • Definition of and support to Structural Testing.
  • Report writing to end customer standard.

Completing the task also involved working in the following manner:

  • Primarily working at CAE’s offices, but regular on-site support as required ensuring communication of information and efficiency of working.
  • Robust data transfer protocols, both technical and commercial.
  • Robust change control process assisting the customer to identify and challenge changes as they arise.
  • Acting as members of the clients teams and as the client customer facing personnel with regards all structural matters.
  • Supporting internal reviews.
  • Support of end customer reviews (both within the UK and abroad as required), especially the major gate reviews.