Achievements & Objectives

It is the company objective to provide high quality aerospace designs and analyses.  This will be achieved by customer focus, by involving its engineers at all levels and by a continuous quality improvement approach to all aspects of the organisation and its products.  Having become an approved supplier to numerous clients, including GE Aviation, we are also certified to EN/AS9100, Rev. D & ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

The company has achieved many notable successes over the last ten years; the most notable being for GE Aviation and our integral role over the last six years helping to develop the Fixed Trailing Edge of the Airbus A350-900XWB.  For further information see our case study pages listed below:

Case Study 1 – Boeing P-8A Pylons

Case Study 2 – Airbus A350XWB-900 Fixed Trailing Edge

The company aims to continuously provide a range of design and analysis services to a client base of between five & ten organisations. It is calculated that at this size we will retain the flexibility and speed of response that is important in today’s rapidly changing aerospace market.

We are aiming to increase our capabilities outside the Aerospace sector and have recently returned to the Marine sector.  For further information please go to the relevant web page.